I’m fascinated by the notion of copying in society. It’s everywhere. Making sure you’re copying the right thing appears to be very hard:

Dubai copied the skyscrapers of New York and ended up with a fake city. Hong Kong copied the basic freedoms and ended up with skyscrapers and a real city.

Everyone is copying the black rectangular nature of the iPhone, rather than something deeper like the Apple org-chart or other attributes like secrecy or having a HQ in Cupertino, or a British head of design.

Rich people have nice cars. Therefore people buy nice cars and expect to be rich.

Silicon Valley has venture capital firms. Therefore, European nations and cities create venture capital firms expecting silicon valley to show up.

Rich people tend to be educated, therefore you send your child to get educated in the expectation that they will get rich. In fact, richness tends to lead to education not the other way around.

Prosperous countries have money. Therefore if we send metric tons of money to poor countries they will become prosperous.

China’s wholesale copying of the United States; from fast food to an aerospace industry. Everything apart from the important thing; the constitution.

Fit people tend to exercise and eat well. So you try to exercise and eat well but fail, because you’re not copying something deeper like self-discipline.

We live in a cargo cult world.