4.6lbs down in two days, just from going zero carb. Or, as reddit prefers, keto.

Diet has consisted of American-sized steaks, leafy greens, coffee, water, and the savior: mini babybel. Plural might be babybeli?


These things are tasty-awesome. Buy a bag of 15 or so, take them out and pop them like, I don’t know, blueberry vodka shots at 3am.

As it’s 2013 Mini babybel have their own website, twitter feed, facebook page and youtube channel. You too can be friends with a cheese.

Oh how I miss thee

Oh how I miss thee

Exercise? I’ve been biking everywhere. Colorado being Colorado, you have to have some kind of extreme outdoor activity every single day. Thus marathon-like hikes across plains that look like some scene from Prometheus only in full color. Without the aliens. ┬áBut, with bears, which is almost as bad. Not yogi bear or honey monster. Real, actual, eat your face bears.

Like most things, there’s not a lot of data behind exercise giving you expected outcomes. A rare glimmer of hope was seen recently with this NYT article, neatly distilled by 7-min.com in to something usable:


Just go to 7-min.com, hit start…. and that’s it. I’m totally looking forward to the 6 and 5 minute workouts.

Incredibly, NYT link to the original paper supporting this exercise set. I’m a little skeptical of the depth of proof and unaware of exactly what the “Human Performance Institute” is, but hey, it’s SCIENCE!