Steve's input was crucial to helping us define our product messaging.

— Chevas Balloun, Co-founder of

Steve helped us strategically orient our business and see our challenges and opportunities in truly new light.

— Pavel Machalek, Co-founder of SpaceKnow

I Help You Simplify

  • Technical: I write actual software, unlike most advisors. I designed the API behind OpenStreetMap, still being used over a decade later
  • Experience: I've been through VC, started my own companies, worked at Fortune 100 companies, 3 successful kickstarter projects, started 2 conferences and more
  • Proven: I've been an advisor to over a dozen companies and many more individuals
  • Let's talk, your first call is free.

Other Things I Do


We’re building open geocoding data to turn addresses in to locations and back again.


Offline, curated, gamified encyclopedia of wikipedia articles—Get badges for reading through articles.


Beautiful prints generated from real life vehicle traffic.